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Prison Streaming Media System

This system is a set of video and audio transmission scheme based on IP network with the core of streaming media live broadcast system, on-demand system, recording system, super transcoding system, information management system, encoder and decoding terminal. The front-end prison broadcast system, set-top box signal and camera signal are connected through the encoder universal interface (hmdi / SDI). Real time coding and compression of streaming media package, push to the streaming media system. Complete live distribution, live recording and storage, through the management of information management system, distributed to each decoding terminal for real-time broadcast. The existing video files are uploaded to the system for transcoding through the network, and the information management system manages and publishes them. Through the terminal, you can click and watch independently.

The system is based on network transmission, easy to set up, flexible application. The access of multiple signal sources can introduce more abundant educational resources. The staff should receive education indoors to reduce the staff aggregation. Network intelligent management, broadcast control is convenient and fast. The system is widely used in the field of closed system video transmission and release.