AuraStone solid stream server

AU-DS200 Active Recorder System

AuraStudio Program Making System

AuraVOD System

AuraTC Super Transcoders

AU-SMD9000 HD Network Media Decoder

AU-NMD9000 HD Network Media Decoder

AU-SME9000 HD Network Media Encoder

AU-NAE Pro3 Audio Encoder

AU-NME9000 HD Media Encoder

AU-MME4000+ 4CH Networ Media Encoder

AU-MME6000+ 6CH Network Media Encoder

Streaming Media Solutions
Nmstream Professional Streaming Media products and solutions

10,000+ Organizations Used Our Products and Solutions

Children's Hospital Of ShanXi Network Media System

SuZhou Hospital Of AnHui Medical University Media Stream System

ChongQing People's Hospital Media Stream System

Network TV Station

Network Transmission

Beijing Tiantan Hospital

China Agricultural University

Harbin Institute of Technology

Beijing Jiaotong University

BeijingAuraStarTechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. Since its establishment, the company has always focused on the development, production and sales of high-definition audio and video products, forming a complete industrial chain of applications from video signal acquisition, coding compression, data aggregation, large-scale data distribution, to multi-terminal content presentation. Our company is based on high definition digital video and audio IP end-to-end application solutions provider, the system and solutions provided are mainly used in professional broadcasting and television indus

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  • Room 510, floor 5, green building, No. 28 Zhenxing Road, Changping District, Beijing
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