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Special Areas Video Transmission

In this scheme, codec and streaming media system are used as the core to build a set of video transmission solutions based on IP network in special fields. The aerial video signal, ground video signal and mobile video signal are transmitted back to the streaming media server through high-definition network video encoder, relying on satellite network or ground network. Streaming media server adopts embedded design, high reliability, to ensure the safe and stable transmission of data. Streaming media output http_ ts,http_ Flv, HLS, RTMP streaming media protocol, perfect adaptive decoder, set top box, and intelligent network terminal.

The codec is compatible with h.265 and H.264 standards. Support multi protocol transmission, RTSP, RTMP, http_ ts,http_ Flv, HLS, can be applied to a variety of complex network environment. The system has ultra-low transmission delay, and the back-end can grasp the front-end situation in real time. It is suitable for special applications with high image quality and ultra-low delay.