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Online Teaching System

Network teaching solution, with solid-state streaming media system and high-definition network media encoder as the core, builds a set of high-definition video teaching scheme. The camera collects front-end image and sound, through HDMI and SDI high-definition interface, through high-definition network media encoder, efficiently encodes and compresses streaming media package, and is pushed to the solid-state streaming media system from the network. The solid-state streaming media system is the first software hardware system, specially designed for the key indicators of streaming media, with high bandwidth and large memory. Real time distribution of solid-state streaming media system, which can be viewed through mobile phones, tablets and computers. Access to the HD network media decoder, you can watch through the large screen.

The system is easy to deploy and supports multiple terminals to watch at the same time. It is widely used in enterprise network teaching, network TV, IPTV operation, mobile TV operation, hotel and club TV system, distance education, telemedicine, etc.