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AuraStone solid stream server



     With the vigorous development of education and the rapid change of educational information technology, all regions and schools are facing an unprecedented competitive pressure. Traditional teaching means and teaching resources are in urgent need of more efficient and efficient information products to take off. With the increasing number of multimedia teaching equipment, vivid high-definition video assisted teaching has become the norm. How to carry out the courier classroom, famous teacher classroom, famous school network classroom and air classroom, and how to quickly and efficiently integrate the existing recording and broadcasting system, micro class system, campus TV station, virtual studio system, monitoring content of key areas, video teaching materials, teaching materials, teaching materials, and so on It is an urgent problem for us to manage and utilize the excellent teaching video files accumulated for many years.










image.pngHigh Compatibility

image.pngIntegrated UI

Localized deployment, controllable resources, convenient management and safe operation

All kinds of audio and video equipment seamless access (RTMP / RTSP), all kinds of audio and video unlimited import (FTP)
Video, audio, picture, document, text integration
Template interface framework, free to adapt to user style, free to modify page properties

image.pngHigh Concurrent
image.pngLAN/WAN Used
image.pngPush Technology

LAN single 256 / 512 HD live signal input, 2000 + / 10000 + concurrent output

There is no need for fixed public IP, large Internet uplink bandwidth, integrated full content cloud acceleration, unlimited number of people, no need for live and on-demand
Unified authentication, authority management, timing, orientation and forced push
Computer, mobile phone, tablet, TV, touch all in one machine, outdoor large screen can watch



       【4K Video、HD high quality live broadcast, low delay, multi signal synchronous live broadcast, real-time bullet screen】

☆☆☆VOD       【Multiple play, dynamic watermark, assessment viewing, content sharing, interactive comments】

☆☆☆REC       【Automatic recording, multi signal recording at the same time, automatic archiving, automatic online】

☆☆☆Transcoding       【High multiple transcoding, unlimited input file format, batch conversion】

☆☆☆Interaction       【Group play, full vector recording, maximum viewing of any picture】

☆☆☆Resource management       【All media resource management, flexible classification and fuzzy retrieval】

☆☆☆User management       【Unified entrance, fine management of authority, traceable browsing traces, open interface and multi-level security】

☆☆☆Stream managment       【Multiple in multiple out, compatible with multiple protocols, large-scale distribution】

☆☆☆Stream acceleration       【Full content acceleration of live and on demand, no limit on the number of visitors】

☆☆☆Integrated release       【Information release, forced push and directional push


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