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AU-SMD9000 HD Network Media Decoder


The AU-SMD9000 network decoder adopts the full hardware decoding core, which can decode the mainstream video compression standard streams such as h.265 (high standard definition), H.264 (high standard clear), and also has excellent video performance and audio restore under the harsh conditions of low network bandwidth.

In order to adapt to various complex network audio and video application environments smd9000, we provide rich streaming media protocols, such as HLS RTMP, rtsp/rtp, HTTP, UDP, etc. The complete output interface (SDI, HDMI, CVBS, XLR, analog left and right channels) is convenient for high-definition video transmission programs and high fidelity audio transmission and decoding. Users can configure various devices through web pages to achieve the best effect. It can be widely used in cross-border point-to-point transmission, emergency communication, network video live broadcast, remote conference, campus broadcast, hospital expert consultation and many other applications.