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"Classroom in the air" appeared in the 79th National Education Equipment Exhibition
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In this exhibition,Our demonstrated the overall solution of "classroom in the air". It includes the front-end content production system (micro class system, virtual studio system, normal recording and broadcasting system), air classroom platform (educational resource management system, interactive system, live broadcast system, on-demand system, educational media system), and user's full terminal access page.

The overall solution of air classroom is an education informatization solution integrating online and offline education methods. On the one hand, the construction of the program is to deal with the epidemic situation and the emergency application of non-stop classes under adverse natural conditions. On the other hand, this program can help teachers and students improve the quality of teaching. Strengthen the integration of information technology and education, promote the reform of educational concepts and methods, and improve the quality of personnel training. We should vigorously promote the balanced, high-quality and modern development of education, narrow the digital divide, ensure the maximum dissemination of high-quality educational resources, and form a public service system of educational informatization.



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